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New classes have been approved by Smocking Arts Guild of America (SAGA). The classes include the following exciting projects and techniques. Clicking on the header of the table will sort the classes using the clicked item as criteria. For example: Click on Hours to sort the classes in order of increasing or decreasing class hours.

Image Name Hours Technique
beth front side view Beth 6 Fagotting & Embroidery
baby wave drawn thread bonnet Baby Wave Drawn Thread Bonnet And Hankie Class 6 Drawn thread
The corner mark embroidered magnetic bookmark The Corner Mark 3 Embroidery
The mechanics of the artisan embroidery apprentice stitches Mechanics of the Artisan Embroidery Apprentice Stitches 6 Embroidery
Chris″ Tractors Chris″s Tractors 6 Embroidery
Margie Hemstitched Daygown Margie Hemstitched Daygown 18 Drawn Thread & Embroidery
Margie Beginner Hemstitched Daygown Margie Beginner Hemstitched Daygown 18 Drawn Thread & Embroidery
Margie Begginning Hemstitched Bonnet Margie Beginning Hemstitched Bonnet 6 Drawn Thread & Embroidery
Dolly Molly Dolly Molly 6 Drawn Thread & Embroidery
Pulled Instead Of Drawn Notebook Class Pulled Instead Of Drawn Notebook Class 6 Pulled Thread & Embroidery
Pulled Instead Of Drawn Notebook Class Weary Traveler Pillowcase 6 Drawn Thread & Embroidery
charlotte rose drawn thread bonnet Charlotte Rose - A Drawn Thread Bonnet 6 Drawn thread, basic embroidery
monogrammed hand towel for Dee A Monogrammed Hand Towel for Dee 6 Drawn thread, basic embroidery
Pinstitched hand towel with padded satin stitch flowers Vintage Floral Hand Towel 6 Embroidery
Feather stitch example with a ball of thread, scissors and scissors case Feather Stitch And Friends Notebook Class 6 Embroidery
Drawn thread boys cap with brim Who Has The Button? Boy's Cap 3 Drawn thread
Molly - A drawn thread yoke dress Molly - A Drawn Thread Yoke Dress 6 Drawn thread
Sampler of 5 drawn thread stitches Beginning Drawn Thread Stitches Notebook Class 3 Drawn thread
A pair of baby sandals with shadow work and embroidery A Smile A Day Sandals 3 Embroidery
Basic eyelets instructions, example of eyelets on fabric, scissors and awl Field Of Eyelets Notebook Class 3 Embroidery
Smocked & embroidered dress Cynthia's Party Dress 9 Smocking, faggoting
Smocked & embroidered diaper shirt Carolyn - A Smocked and Embroidered Diaper Shirt 6 Smocking, basic embroidery
Smocked & embroidered diaper shirt Pleat One Smock Two A Reversible Smocked Bonnet 3 Smocking
Sampler of various faggoting stitches Beginning Faggoting Stitches Notebook Class 3 Faggoting
Faggoted scallopped edged bib with satin stitch and eyelet embroidery A Bib For Jolie Ann 6 Faggoting, basic embroidery, lace shaping
Faggoted scallopped edged bib with satin stitch and eyelet embroidery Daygown With Faggoted Edges 3 Faggoting
Alice"s T Bonnet Alice's T Bonnet 9 Drawn thread & Embroidery
Alison: A drawn thread and embroidered yoke dress Alison 12 Drawn thread & Embroidery
Deborah Deborah 18 Drawn thread & Embroidery
Margie Advanced Bonnet Margie Advanced Bonnet 6 Drawn thread & Embroidery
Shadowing A Square Shadowing A Square 3 Drawn thread & Embroidery