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Pulled Instead Of Drawn

Pulled Instead Of Drawn Class Title: Pulled Instead Of Drawn

Area of Study: Pulled Thread & Embroidery
Class Hours: 6
Class Type: Notebook
Skill Level: A serious embroidery student with a solid base of embroidery knowledge and experience is requested but not required.

Pulled thread work is achieved by firmly pulling fabric threads tightly together with selected embroidery stitches. No fabric threads are removed. Holes left between the stitches become the main focus of the design.

In class you will explore: applique cord, fil tire, four-sided stitch, pin stitch, point turc, and square eyelets. Suggestions of when to use these stitches and examples will be shown.

Class handouts include detailed step-by-step instructions and pictures to ease your mind as you master these selected stitches. Tricks and extra details for perfecting your samples will be discussed and experienced.

At the end of your stitching day, you will be well on your way to mastering these exciting but challenging stitches.

Complete Kit Contents: Linen, batiste and Italian organdy practice fabrics, fine sewing thread, stranded embroidery floss, floche, perle cotton, cording, needles and class handout

Class Supplies: Small embroidery scissors with a sharp point, fine line marking pen or pencil, glass head pins, 4" embroidery hoop, colored basting thread, finger shield (optional), thread wax (optional), lighting and extension cord (required) and magnification (required).