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Beth full front

Beth front side view
Class Title: Beth

Area of Study: Faggoting & Embroidery
Class Hours: 12
Class Type: Project
Skill Level: An intermediate or advanced embroidery student with advanced sewing skills will be comfortable in this class. Knowledge of your machine is a must.

This lovely little toddler dress contains an eye catching neckline that is created from one of the oldest embroidery techniques – faggoting. Inspired by an antique romper, the beautiful neckline is created using several pieces of tubing and bias strips joined with simple insertion stitches. This pairing creates an open feminine lacey feel that adds to the elegance of my a-line dress. Adorned with puffed sleeves and an interesting combination of artisan embroidery stitches, this project will introduce you to the intriguing world of faggoted embroidery.

Day 1 of class finds you machine stitching tucks and plackets, followed by the creation of tubing and bias pieces. Detailed neckline construction will get started with the aid of a series of templates designed to guide you through this challenging step-by-step process.

Day 2 will concentrate on hand work elements. You will master: the basic faggoting insertion stitch (other options will be discussed); appliqué cord; granitos and padded satin stitch. The remainder of class time will be spent understanding final construction.

Complete Kit Contents: Ulster linen, mother of pearl buttons, construction thread, tatting thread, coton a broder, floss, needles, class handout, dress pattern (size 3)

Class Supplies: Basic sewing supplies, fine line marking pen or pencil, glass head pins, fabric shears, paper scissors, embroidery scissors with a fine point, basting thread (color to show on white), light and magnification (recommended)

For the construction phase (day 1 of class and home) you will need: a sewing machine in good working order (recently serviced), machine manual, #65 universal needle, 1/4" foot and edge stitching foot (optional), Fasturn tube #1, rotary cutter, mat, ruler for rotary cutter