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Beginning Drawn Thread Stitches Notebook Class

Image showing 5 basic drawn thread stitches Class Title: Beginning Drawn Thread Stitches Notebook Class

Area of Study: Embroidery
Class Hours: 3
Class Type: Notebook
Skill Level: All

This notebook class is designed to teach each student many of the basic drawn thread stitches. Working on different weaves of fabric with the threads withdrawn for you, each student will master the basic hemstitch, ladder hemstitch, serpentine hemstitch, twisted border hemstitch and knotted coral hemstitch. Many of the advanced drawn thread stitches will be discussed as well as several samples shown. When class is complete each student will have their stitched samples and directions to complete many basic drawn thread stitches that will add distinction to their garments and linens.

Complete Kit Contents: Practice batiste, Linen and cross stitch fabrics, Tapestry needles, DMC 50 wt. embroidery thread, DMC 6-stranded floss, Perle cotton, Class handout

Additional Sewing supplies: (to use in class)
Embroidery scissors with a fine sharp point, Scoth tape, Pen for taking notes, Light and magnification (required)