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The Corner Mark

The Corner Mark Class Title: The Corner Mark

Area of Study: Embroidery (Hand)
Class Hours: 3
Class Type: Project
Skill Level: All

This quick bookmark project is a great place to practice your embroidery stitches whether you are a beginner or an advanced stitcher. Class time will allow you to work on either a corner or magnetic bookmark - both designs complement each another and are included in your kit.

The corner bookmark slips over the top of the page of the current thriller you are reading, keeping your place until you are ready to return. This design contains a slightly padded satin stitch monogram with a satin stitched circular border. Filling in the corners you find padded satin stitch leaves (using a different padding technique than your monogram), granito flowers and a backstitched vine.

The rectangular magnetic companion wraps around the page you would like to mark. You may stitch this design with the stitches utilized on the corner marker above or use a group of simpler stitches for faster results - back stitches and seed stitches for the monogram; stem stitch; lazy daisy and French knots complete the vines.

Final construction is completed at home.

Made from the finest materials available, this project is a great place to master and admire your new stitching skills. There are enough materials in your kit to stitch both designs making your "Corner Mark" a part of your reading pleasure!

Complete Kit Contents: An ample amount of linen fabric to complete 2 bookmarks; interfacing; threads; needles; magnets; class handout and bookmark patterns

Student Supplies List:
Basic sewing supplies; 6" or 12" ruler; very fine line marking pen or pencil; 4" embroidery hoop; finger shield (if you stitch over the hand); embroidery scissors; light and extension cord (required); magnification (optional); sewing machine (home); thread for construction (home); #60 or #65 universal machine needle (home); freezer paper (home)

Classroom Requirements:
Marking board, markers, irons and pressing surfaces, spray starch, garment rack