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Vintage Floral Hand Towel

Pinstitched hand towel with padded satin stitch flowers Class Title: Vintage Floral Hand Towel

Area of Study: Embroidery
Class Hours: 6
Class Type: Project
Skill Level: All

Create a "vintage" hand towel with an adored and treasured technique used during Grandmother's time - thread replacement.

This floral hand towel is created from a rectangle of Ulster 1000 linen (your choice of color). You will use replacement threads to add interest to this vintage design. The replacement threads will start and stop at several places across the thread row to add an extra challenge for each student. Breaking up the colored thread lines of the design you will stitch a diamond of padded satin stitched posies with eyelet centers. Colored accents of thread replacement and partial posies are added to the opposite end of the towel to create interest and give the embroidery another place to shine! Now add a pin stitched edge that would make your Grandmother proud.

Each technique will be mastered on practice cloth using detailed class handouts and classroom instructions before moving onto your towel linen.

Complete Kit Contents: Ulster linen (student has a linen color choice of: white, yellow, light blue or pink); embroidery floss; needles; finger shield; thread for pin stitching; class handout;

Additional Sewing Supplies: (to use in class and/or to finish project at home) used universal machine needle; sewing gauge or 6" clear gridded ruler; fabric shears; fine sharp point embroidery scissors; glass head pins; 4" round Susan Bates embroidery hoop; thimble; contrast colored thread for basting; light and extension cord (required); magnification (optional but recommended);

Pre-class Preparation: Students must contact instructor (see Contact Phyllis menu at upper left) with linen color choice (white, yellow, blue or pink) 30 days prior to class, otherwise white linen will be included in your kit. Colored linen kits will contain white floss; white linen kits will contain coral-pink floss. **Students are welcomed to bring a substitute skein of floss to match their own color scheme.