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Pleat One Smock Two: A Reversible Smocked Bonnet

Image showing 5 basic faggoting stitches Class Title: Pleat One Smock Two: A Reversible Smocked Bonnet

Area of Study: Smocking
Class Hours: 3
Class Type: Project
Skill Level: Intermediate or Advanced - must have knowledge of how smocking stitches relate to each other and to the fabric pleats

Frame a baby's face with perfection using Phyllis' intriguing design for a clever reversible bonnet. A partially constructed and pleated two-sided bonnet with pin stitched lace edges will be provided in your kit. Class time will focus on creating reversible items and the tricks involved in their design such as traveling from the front to the backside of the fabric, while smocking simultaneously on both sides. When you leave class, you will be able to create more reversible bonnets using the explicit instructions provided!

Remember, in this ingenious bonnet, you are going to pleat once, smock twice-- double the fun!

Complete Kit Contents: Contrasting fabrics pleated together ready for smocking with lace pin stitched to each front brim, 6-stranded embroidery floss, Satin ribbon for ties, Smocking needles, Fabric for back binding, Bonnet pattern, Class handouts

Additional Sewing Supplies: (to use in class)
Embroidery scissors (for cutting threads); 18" ruler, Pen for taking notes, Additional lighting, Extension cord

Additional Sewing Supplies: (to use at home only)
Sewing machine, #65 Universal machine needle, 1/4" foot (optional), 60wt. machine thread (white), Rotary cutter, Mat for rotary cutting, Ruler to use with cutter

Additional Classroom Supplies:
One iron and surface for pressing to demo construction, Garment rack

Image showing 5 basic faggoting stitches
Image showing 5 basic faggoting stitches