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Mechanics of the Artisan Embroidery Apprentice Stitches

Mechanics of embroidery apprentice stitches Class Title: Mechanics of the Artisan Embroidery Apprentice Stitches

Area of Study: Embroidery
Class Hours: 6
Class Type: Notebook
Skill Level: All

This notebook class is designed to help the embroidery apprentice (EMB I) understand the mechanics of each stitch required to pass her sampler for the Artisan Program. Even if you do not belong to this program, this class will introduce you to a variety of embroidery stitches that you will need to tackle any basic stitching design.

During class time there will be an in depth study of each stitch included in your sampler, along with addition practice exercises to help you perfect your technique. Additionally, we will review what you need to include when sending in your submission, along with the standards for evaluation that your work will be critiqued by.

Stitches covered during this notebook review session include: shadow embroidery; blanket stitch; backstitch; lazy daisy; feather stitch; chain stitch; fly stitch; stem/outline stitches; french knots; bullion stitch; satin stitch and granito stitch.

When you leave class you will be ready to tackle your sampler for evaluation so you can become an "Artisan" achiever!

Complete Kit Contents: Practice fabric; needles; floss; class handout; Artisan evaluation sheets

Student Supplies: (to use in class)
Embroidery scissors; fine line marking pen or pencil; 4" Bates embroidery hoop (optional); additional lighting and extension cord (required); magnification (optional)

Classroom Requirements:
Marking board, markers, garment rack